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Cooking with reason and respect

| Courses for all ages.

Cooking in a different way

Miam. are cooking classes where you’ll learn to prepare healthy dishes using fresh and local ingredients while adopting eco-friendly practices.

Experience creative recipes that showcase the natural flavors of seasonal products.

For all ages

Join me for baking classes, dinners, wine tastings, parent-child classes, chatting, batch cooking, or even team events.

The cooking classes

About me

Salut, I’m Romain. Originally an IT engineer, I’ve traded my keyboard for an apron.

As a practitioner of Learning by Cooking, I enjoy delving into the science of food and rethinking my dietary habits to discover new techniques and flavors.

For me, cooking is a fusion of creativity and well-being, a way to care for our planet and our health.

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A healthy and balanced diet.

An eco-friendly cooking: local, seasonal products; reduction of trash and food waste.

A scientific approach to understand the origin of foods, alternative diets, and the importance of nutrition.