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Popote | What's cooking?

Take part in themed meals prepared with local, seasonal produce.

Discover or rediscover popular specialties.
Each cooking class will be followed by a convivial meal where you can enjoy the dishes cooked together.

Sourdough Pizza

  • Welcome | Prosecco and homemade sourdough gressin ;
  • Analysis of pizza dough recipe (with sourdough) before kneading a dough to bake at home ;
  • Preparation of pizzas (dough provided) and baking, comparing different methods (professional oven, pizza stone, backing tray) ;
  • Homemade tiramisu ;
  • Drinks included (Touraine Gamay or beer).

Sunday Brunch*

Menu idea:

  • Welcome | Tea or coffee and homemade sourdough croissants ;
  • Crémant de Loire ;
  • Seasonal smoothie ;
  • Braised kale, eggs and zaatar ;
  • Caramelized Kaiserschmarrn with salted butter ;
  • Shaping and baking small sourdough breads ;
  • Reimagined hummus and guacamole, feta dip ;
  • Butter and jams.

* subject to change with the seasons

Vegetarian Burger

  • Welcome | Beer and homemade sourdough crackers ;
  • Analysis of the recipe of buns (sourdough) before kneading a dough to bake at home;
  • Preparing burgers with vegetarian patties ;
  • Homemade brownies ;
  • Drinks included (Touraine Gamay or beer).

8 to 12

3 to 4 hours

GUBE20 KULTURESSRAUM | Gubestraße 20, 80992 München (S1, U3 Moosach)

Coffee, water, and beverages (with and without alcohol) are included in moderation. Prices include VAT.

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