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Miam München.
Who is it?
What is it?

Behind Miam., there’s Romain Marteau, a computer engineer, and a father of two children, who has transitioned into the world of cuisine!

After years spent behind a desk, my perspective on food changed with the birth of my first child in 2018.

The slow life, zero waste, local consumption – all of this became my way of life.

In 2020, during the lockdown, my passion for baking and sourdough emerged.

In 2022, I earned my bakery CAP, and in 2023, I bid farewell to the world of IT to create Miam München.

Miam. has a mission to share my passion for simple, balanced, and seasonal cuisine while teaching techniques to develop healthier eating habits and reduce waste.

Cook with me and discover the joy of responsible cooking.

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