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Oh mein Brot! | Bread & viennoiseries

Bread Baking Course – 100% Sourdough!


  • Understand the different stages of bread or pastry making;
  • Learn kneading and shaping techniques;
  • Compare professional and home equipment;
  • Differentiate between sourdough and yeast.

Course Outline: 

  • After a brief introduction, we’ll start shaping our products (dough provided);
  • During the proofing time, you’ll have the chance to knead a dough to take home for baking (both machine and hand kneading);
  • Baking of bread or pastries;
  • On-site tasting.


Most of the breads are prepared with sourdough. The viennoiseries (so we can detail and bake during the course) contain both sourdough and yeast. You can take home some sourdough (bring a glass jar).

6 to 8

4 hours

GUBE20 KULTURESSRAUM | Gubestraße 20, 80992 München (S1, U3 Moosach)

Sourdough Bread
This introductory course to sourdough baking will cover all stages of bread making. You’ll leave with a baked loaf, a loaf to shape and bake at home, as well as some sourdough.

Croissant & co
During this course, we will explore the process of making French viennoiseries. You’ll enjoy warm pastries and take home some puff pastry, ready to be detailed and baked for your Sunday morning breakfast.

Baguette & co
This class about baguette (sourdough) will focus on shaping techniques regarding baguette various individual breads. You’ll leave with your creations, dough to bake at home, sourdough starter and recipes.

Various flours, various breads
Wheat, rye, spelt or buckwheat? All-purpose or wholewheat flour?
Which flour should you choose from a nutritional and health point of view?
What impact will it have on your bread, its kneading and shaping?

The classes are offered in English. I also speak German and French and can assist you in these languages if needed.

Coffee, water, and non-alcoholic beverages are included. Prices include VAT.

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