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I Want Spaghetti! | Parent-child cooking class

Cook as a Family and Share Unique Moments.

*I Want Spaghetti! refers to a beloved family album: “I Want Spaghetti!” by Stephanie Blake.

In these parent-child classes, you’ll discover, according to the year’s calendar, must-have recipes loved by young and old alike: Pretzel, Strawberry cake, Water ice, Krapfen, snack ideas for school, Plätzchen, homemade pasta, lemonade…

An educational and recreational cooking experience for children, adding value to their understanding of food and cooking.
A moment of exchange for parents, around themes of health and the environment.

A lot of fun in prospect, as we open up to a healthier diet that respects our planet.

6 to 8 children, each accompanied by an adult (from 4 years old).

2 hours

GUBE20 KULTURESSRAUM | Gubestraße 20, 80992 München (S1, U3 Moosach)

Coffee, water, and non-alcoholic beverages are included. Prices include VAT.